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Incitement to Hate Crime Against Roma by a Public Figure in Hungary


On the occasion of the arrest of a Roma youth in relation to the stabbing of two teenagers during New Year's Eve, Hungarian politician Zsolt Bayer made very racist remarks totally denying the very existence of Roma. He stated in his article for the online newspaper Hagyar Hirlap that Roma should not exist: "They are animals. They should not be tolerated or understood. Animals should not exist. No way. This should be solved."

To strongly protest against this, Romani Rose, Chairman of the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma, wrote a letter to the Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban, who is the president of FIDES, the Hungarian ruling party. Mr. Bayer is a co-founder of the party. Romani Rose asked Mr. Orban to explicitly indicate that Mr. Bayer's statements do not represent the opinions of the party, and that Mr. Bayer be expelled from it. Following is the text of his letter translated into English.

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